This is a third-party, unofficial, open-source service and not affiliated with Hacker News or YC.

Hacker News is part of my daily life. I try to follow the top stories every day when I have the opportunity. In order not to miss important stories on my busy days, I prepared a notification service. It was a very simple, ~40-line PHP script that sends me notifications for stories with over 200 points. I have been using this service for 7 months and I no longer worry about missing important stories.

Finally, I made this service available to everyone so that it can be useful to others. I have also obtained the necessary permissions from the HN moderators to share such a service with you. So, I hope you will not miss important stories from this awesome platform with the help of this service. Also when I share this service with HN, I hope I will receive this story as a notification.

Send me a push notifications if a story gets more than

To Unsubscribe

Go to your dashboard and click "Edit or Unsubscribe" link at "Hacker News" application and then click unsubscribe. Or click "Subscribe with Pushover" button above and click unsubscribe.

Future Features

I am planning to add keyword and comment reply notifications too. But to make it simple and start with MVP, I want to share with this first main feature. So instead of waiting more, you can start using main feature already.